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In the beginning...was Kay-My...

While the 4-H program I was involved in was called Gateway, the horse farm I had my actual lessons at was called Kay-My stables, for Kathy Bell, my instructor, & her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Myers. It was a farm in Pleasant Gap, PA. 15 minutes from where my family lived at the time. The interesting thing about this particular farm is that my Mom just so happens to have been a high school classmate of Kathy's, so my parents knew I was in good hands.

I mentioned in my first post that I started riding when I was twelve. The picture in today's post is of me on Granny, one of three (I think) horses I rode while in this program. The others were a pony called Lightening--who wasn't very speedy--and a small gray named Cotton. Granny got her name because she was one of the oldest horses in the program.

It was this program that taught me all about horses, even how to groom them. Yes, that was part of the deal. I had to groom my horse before I rode--at least as much as I could reach since I'm so tiny :).

I rode with this program until I graduated from high school. I would have continued longer than that, but Kathy developed some health issues and could not keep the program going anymore. Unfortunately, when you have a disability, you can't go to just any horse farm that gives lessons and ride. In order for someone with a disability to ride, a program has to be certified as a therapeutic riding center.

It wasn't until many years later that I came across another therapeutic riding program near me, but more on that later...

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