Raindrops smell like dryer sheets

Puddles smell like fresh grass.

Mother Nature wake up!

Nothing is like it should be!

She looked around and giggled.

Imagine things different.

Anything can be.





Just a

Couple inches


A foot.

Want to enjoy

The breadth

And beauty

of the

Whole picture.

Immediate steps

Must be


Nothing to


Tether keeps

Four legs to three.

Should balance be lost,

Regain composure

Begin again.

Snowy winter walks.

Did you know?

Spots have names.

They aren't just

Called white spot

Or blue spot

Or black spot.

Carefully watch.

What do you see

In each little spot?

What you see

Is what it will be.

You have

The power

To dream

What you dream

Is the spot's name.

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