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There are many ways to be a writer...

     Ever since high school (& maybe earlier than that), I have loved to write.  Every English teacher I ever had always told me what a good writer I was.  I should have listened.  Instead I floundered in college not really knowing what I should do.  I did eventually get a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Slippery Rock University.  Unfortunately, that lead to a bit of a dead end.  I had dreamed of being a teacher from the time I was a little girl.  I started teaching as a substitute & loved it, but still it seemed something was missing.

     As you will undoubtedly find out if you keep up with my blog, I have become adept at doing things differently.  It took me a long time to figure out, but as much as I love to teach, maybe the best way for me to teach effectively is with the written word.

     Please come in, stay a little while & come along with me as I tell you about my journey.

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